• SOUR CATEDRAL. $6.200
  • GINGER SOUR pisco, basil and ginger syrup, lemon juice. $4.500
  • WINECAINA SOUR light red body wine, lemon and orange juice, egg albumin, triple sec liquor. $4.200


  • CHILCANO peruvian pisco, ginger ale, lemon juice, dash of sugar syrup. $4.200
  • APEROL SPRITZ  peruvian pisco, ginger ale, lemon juice, dash of sugar syrup. $5.500
  • MOJITO white rum, soda water, hierba buena leaves, lemon juice, icing sugar. $4.500
  • TEQUILA MARGARITA tequila, triple sec liquor, lemon juice. $4.500
  • MARTINI DRY martini extra dry, gin, lemon twist. $4.500
  • RUSTY NAIL scotch whisky, Drambuie liqueur. $5.900
  • CAPITAN peruvian pisco, vermouth rosso and amargo de angostura bitters. $4.900
  • CAIPIRIÑA cachaca, lemon slices, sugar and crushed ice. $4.500
  • WITHE RUSSIAN vodka, coffee liquor, heavy cream. $4.900
  • NEGRONI red vermouth, campari and gin. $5.200


  • VIOLETA PARRA aged pisco, carmenere and hierba buena reduction, lemon juice, drunken grape. $4.900
  • BRISA MARINA gin, sparkling wine, basil syrup, lemon, blue curacao drops (bubble blaster). $5.900
  • ROSA LIMA gin, rose sparkling wine, homemade lime liquor, lime juice, soda water. $5.900
  • WINECAPI white wine, strawberries and passion fruit juice, cucumber and apple syrup. $4.500
  • SANGRÍA WINECAINA blend of red wine, grand Marnier, cognac, fruit slices. 500cc $5.900
  • WINECAINA SPRITZ Sparkling wine, elderflower liquor, citrus syrup and cucumber and green apple syrup. $5.900
  • LOCURAS CON JACK Jack Daniel’s Nº7, soda water, coconut and passion fruit punch. $5.200
  • MOJITO COLADO White and coconut rum, coconut milk, mint leaves and lemon slices. $5.900
  • APPLE FIZZ Jack Daniel’s apple, ginger ale soda, ginger and lemon juice, cinnamon smoked stick. $5.900
  • MOJITO DIABLO Cranberries vodka, raspberry and lemon juice, hierba buena leaves and icing sugar, topped with soda water. $5.900
  • PONCHE DE BERRIES rose wine, macerated berries, triple sec, sparkling wine and lemon juice. $5.900
  • GINAROL gin, aperol, limoncello, red vermouth, orange and lemon juice, egg albumin (bubble blaster) $ 5.900


  • HOMEMADE LEMONADE mint, ginger and lemon juice. $4.200
  • COCTEL DE TOMATE tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, salt, pepper, lemon juice. $4.200
  • NATURAL JUICES strawberry, mango, pineapple, cantaloupe melon $3.500
  • SODA $2.400
  • MINERAL WATER $2.200
  • TAMAYA JUICES moscatel, pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, blue berries. $2.200 
  • TAMAYA MOCKTAIL  moscatel juice, macerated berries, lemon juice. $4.200


  • KROSS Chilean golden ale. $3.500
  • KROSS 5 years strong ale aged in American oak barrel. $5.200
  • KROSS Chilean stout style $3.500
  • CORONA $3.500
  • SINGHA  Thailand pale lager  $3.700
  • GOOSE ISLAND American ipa. $3.900
  • ERDINGER German alcohol free. $3.500


  • OSTRAS JAPONESAS Japanesse oysters (6 units) with chalaquita sauce (sliced apple, soy sauce, lemon juice and red onion) served with ikura. $11.900
  • CRUDO DE ATUN Tuna tartare spiced with lemon juice, egg yolk and ponzu sauce (orange and lemon juice, soy sauce, ginger, starch). $11.900
  • CAUSA DE JAIBA Peruvian potato dish filled with crab meat (yellow and rocoto chili, lemon juice, avocado, mayonnaise) ikura and cebiche sauce. $10.900
  •  TIRADITO NIKKEI Thin sliced rockfish, furikake, charcoal oil, quinua, spring onion and yellow chili sauce with lemon juice. $11.900
  • PULPO AL OLIVO Tender octopus tentacles with olive sauce aromatized with olive oil and spices. $11.900
  • ERIZOS Sea urchins served with brunoise onions, coriander, lemon juice, rocoto chili and yellow chili paste. $13.900
  • CARPACCIO ZUCCHINI With red quinua, carrot paste, ginger and lemon juice. $10.900
  • CEBICHE CLÁSICO Fresh market cebiche cubes marinated with leche de tigre (fish base, evaporated milk, garlic, ginger, celery, lemon, coriander, yellow chili, salt and pepper). Served with glazed sweet potato, purple onion and peruvian corn. $10.900


  • GYOZAS Wrappers filled with pork, soy sauce orange ponzu and spring onion (peanuts). $10.900
  • CEBICHE DE CAMARONES Sauteed shrimp served warm chili sauce, sweet potato and criolla sauce. $11.900
  • OSTIONES A LA PARRILLA Grilled scallops (6 units) with crispy garlic and butter with lemon drops. $ 11.900
  • CROQUETAS DE CONEJO Rabbit croquettes (5 units) served with bechamel sauce. $10.900


  • PATO AL HIERRO  Duck confit served with broth rice and peas, tomato, coriander and criolla sauce. $17.900
  • TIRA WINECAINA Angus short ribs stewed served with creamy pallares beans puree. $17.900
  • STRUDEL DE SALMÓN Wrapped in filo pastry, filled with grated apple and caramelized onions served with blue cheese, quinoa and potato croquettes in huancaina sauce (soda crackers, evaporated milk, yellow chili, cheese, onion and garlic). $15.900
  • MOLLEJAS Crispy sweetbreads served with creamy corn puree, yellow chili and chicha de jora sauce (peruvian corn). $16.900
  • BABY RIBS Slowly baked served with chaufa rice (asian style) and criolla sauce (red onion, coriander, tomato) orange touches. $16.900
  • ARROZ NEGRO CON MARISCOS Squid inked rice with seashells of the season (oysters, clams,mussels, shrimps and baby octopus) served with criolla sauce. $16.900
  • CANNELONI  Pasta filled with wagyu plate, ricotta cheese, bechamel sauce and yellow chili. $15.900
  • LINGÜINI SALTADO Fresh pasta sauteed with steak, soy sauce,vegtables and poached egg. $14.900
  • TATAKI DE ATUN Coriander crusted tuna served with gnocchi in huancaina sauce (soda crackers, evaporated milk, yellow chili, cheese, onion and garlic) aromatized with charcoal chili oil. $15.900
  • MERO Grilled grouper fish served with caviar lentils stew panca chili and scallops. $15.900ç
  • PULPO ANTICUCHERO Grilled octopus in antichera sauce (dried chili, oregano, vinegar, pepper, paprika, cumin, vegetables broth and heavy cream dash) served with roasted potatoes and criolla sauce. $15.900
  • VEGGIE Potato puree with crunchy almonds and coconut cream served with fried sweetpotatoes, grilled avocado and zucchini. $14.900
  • PESCADO A LO MACHO grilled fish in a shellfish (octopus, oyster, squid and shrimps) beurre blanc with a light touch of yellow chili, served with native potato croquettes. $15.900


  • VOLCÁN DE CHOCOLATE (chocolate volcano). $5.900
  • SUSPIRO WINECAINA (meringue cookie with manjar and passion fruit juice). $4.900
  • LEMON PIE SPHERE (filled with cream cheese, condensed milk and lemon juice). $4.900
  • HUAYNA PICCHU (tres leches biscuit, raspberry jelly, vanilla ice cream, covered with italian meringue). $4.900
  • RANFAÑOTE (delicious ancient Peruvian dessert interpretation. Hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, peanuts, raisins and coconut flakes. Coated in an orange and cinnamon syrup. served with fresh cheese, bread croutons and cardamom ice cream). $4.900


  • AMERICANO $2.500
  • CAPPUCCINO $2.900
  • EXPRESSO $2.200
  • RESTRETO $2.200
  • TEA / INFUSION $2.400

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